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Pegasus Construction has been setting industry standards in Phoenix, AZ and the entire Southwest for more than 37 years. Partnering with the Pegasus team assures projects will be done on-budget, on-time, safely and done right.


Pegasus Construction

Phoenix Commercial General Contractor

Since 1987, we have built our reputation as a leading Phoenix commercial general contractor that puts people first. By harnessing the power of long relationships between our clients, partners and employees, we transform landscapes, communities and minds.

After over 37 years, we say we are “more than just any general contractor”, our clients say “we just get it.”

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Our clients have big dreams as does Pegasus Construction. When you work with us, you are working with a group of engineering and building-minded people who truly understand great products only endure through a team that works together. At Pegasus Construction, collaboration is part of our culture. We believe all great projects begin with this ingredient.

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Maybe it's our Midwestern roots, but we are always friendly and genuinely real. We prefer to keep our client's goals above our own ambitions and our ideas bigger than our egos. At Pegasus Construction we take the time to build true and authentic relationships that last and endure through good and bad economies. Our motto is "if you succeed, we succeed."

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With Pegasus Construction, no amount of success, profit or victory is worth compromising our integrity. It is our number one goal to do the right thing, every time. We take responsibility for the commitments we make and we take this responsibility serious. Our clients love us because we do what we say and do it right the first time.

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We have nothing hidden up our sleeves. All of our relationships come from being upfront and transparent with our clients, employees and partners. This approach is another key ingredient in forming long lasting relationships that allow everyone to succeed. We are not about making excuses, we are about being honest and keeping our word.

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All of us at Pegasus Construction have a genuine love for the construction industry, our clients and our company future. We believe in what we are doing and where it will lead us. Pegasus Construction is filled with innovators and idea people, and our company is a place where creativity is encouraged and embraced. The idea of building something new is our passion.

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Customer Satisfaction is Our Number One Goal